Providing your loved ones with companionship and security

For families who live apart from their older loved ones, they can’t help but worry about how they are faring on their own. Older adults often face many challenges as a result of chronic health problems brought on from aging and other factors. Having a companion at your loved one’s side to keep them supervised and cared for helps alleviate the anxiousness in family.

With the aid of our companion sitters, rest assured that your loved ones will benefit from the following:

24/7 care

This will include help with various housekeeping tasks as well as meal planning and preparation. Companions will also remind your loved ones to take their medications on time.

Non-Medical Transportation

Need to pick up groceries? Have some mail to get delivered to the post office? Upcoming doctor appointments in the next few days? We also provide non-medical transportation assistance, escorting your loved ones to where they need to be.


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